James Clayden

Window/sculpture/bed, 1990

Spanning more than 160 years, from the 1840s to early this century, the Cbus Collection forms an impressive holding of Australian art. Strategically optimising the number of artists included by limiting representation to a single work, certain selected practitioners have also been collected in greater depth, to offer a more substantial view of an individual’s oeuvre. From a functional perspective, the Collection fulfils a role as an investment, an asset designed for financial growth. The Cbus patronage is a remarkable gesture of faith in the cultural as well as the fiscal value of Australian art. The richness that lies within a collection of 320 works is impossible to consider in one brief overview. Instead, inspired by the simile of these holdings as a precious, many-sided gem, some of the numerous facets of the Cbus Collection are reviewed for the insights they offer.

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