ALLEN, Davida b.1951 Rosie’s bedroom scene No. 2 1986 painting
ALLEN, Mary Cecil 1893–1962 Near Yarck, Victoria 1960 drawing
AMOR, Rick b.1948 Cottlesbridge landscape 1986 painting
AMOR, Rick b.1948 Threatening weather 1997 painting
ARKLEY, Howard 1951–1999 Western suburbs 1988 painting
ARKLEY, Howard 1951–1999 Dull Home 1998 painting
ASPDEN, David 1935–2005 Midnight 1988 painting
BADHAM, Herbert 1899–1961 ‘Study for The Expulsion’, on verso ‘Study for Temptation of St. Anthony’ 1956 painting
BAKER, Marina unknown Building site c.1990 painting
BALDESSIN, George 1939–1978 Performance (variation 2) 1971 etching
BALDESSIN, George 1939–1978 Girl in striped dress with bouquet of flowers 1978 painting
BALDESSIN, George 1939–1978 Untitled from the ‘Bodford Terrace Suite’ c.1977 lithograph
BALE, Alice 1875–1955 Still life with oriental vase nd painting
BALE, Alice 1875–1955 Zinnias nd painting
BALSON, Ralph 1890–1964 Matter painting (painting No. 8) 1960 painting
BASTIN, Henri 1896–1979 Dragon boat 1967 painting
BEARD, John b.1943 Blank thought blood remembering III 1989 monotype
BEARD, John b.1943 Blank thoughts, blood remembering VIII 1989 monotype
BECKETT, Clarice 1887–1935 Beach scene c.1932–33 painting
BELLETTE, Jean 1908–1991 Two girls c.1945 painting
BERGNER, Yosl b.1920 From Alice Springs to Kimberley (1937) 1990 painting
BILU, Asher b.1936 Untitled (abstract) 1973 painting
BLACK, Dorrit 1891–1951 Farmhouse, Mt Torrens c.1945 painting
BLACKMAN, Charles b.1928 Barbara 1960 painting
BLACKMAN, Charles b.1928 The last train c.1972 painting
BOOTH, Peter b.1940 Winter 1988 painting
BOXALL, Arthur D’Auvergne 1895–1944 Building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 1930 watercolour
BOYD, Arthur 1920–1999 Northcote quarry c.1940 painting
BOYD, Arthur 1920–1999 Doris with red hair c.1968 painting
BOYD, Arthur 1920–1999 Shoalhaven riverbanks & large stones 1981 painting
BOYD, Arthur 1920–1999 Black swans at Shoalhaven III nd painting
BOYD, Emma Minnie 1858–1936 Landscape with wattle 1912 watercolour
BOYD, Theodore Penleigh 1890–1923 Jamieson Valley 1922 painting
BRACK, John 1920–1999 Three Egyptian women 1975 painting
BRACK, John 1920–1999 Nude in profile (from the Bodford Terrace Suite) 1978 lithograph
BROWN, Joseph 1918–2009 Abstract 2004 painting
BROWNE, Andrew b.1960 Seascape with outcrop, Sorrento 2002 painting
BRYANS, Lina 1909–2000 Darebin Bridge House 1947 painting
BUNNY, Rupert 1864–1947 Study for ‘Endormies’ c.1904 painting
BUSH, Stephen b.1958 Bluff 1990–91 painting
BUVELOT, Louis 1814–1888 Pastoral 1871 painting
BYRNE, Sam 1883–1978 Broken Hill open cut nd painting
CAMPBELL, Cressida b.1960 Reflection of mosquito coils 1980 painting
CATTAPAN, Jon b.1956 The interruption 1990–92 painting
CHRISTMANN, Gunter b.1936 Untitled 1973 painting
CLAYDEN, James b.1947 Window/sculpture/bed 1990 painting
CLINCH, Robert b.1957 24 variations on a theme by Paganini 1991 watercolour
CLINCH, Robert b.1957 White cane 1984 watercolour
CLINCH, Robert b.1957 Silent protest 1990 watercolour
COBURN, John 1925–2006 Barrier reef 1976 painting
COOK, William Delafield b.1936 Hillside, Ellerston 1990 painting
COUNIHAN, Noel 1913–1986 The injured miner 1963 drawing
COUNIHAN, Noel 1913–1986 Miner in yellow helmet 1979 painting
COWEN, Lionel b.1847–death unknown Making the bouquet n.d. painting
CRAIG, Sybil 1901–1989 Flowers and lilies c.1938 painting
CRAIG, Sybil 1901–1989 Christmas lilies n.d. painting
CRAIG, Sybil 1901–1989 Family group n.d. painting
CROMBIE, Peggy 1901–1984 Still life with fish n.d. painting
CROOKE, Ray b.1922 ‘Waiting’ or ‘Woman in a tropical interior’ 1982 painting
CUMBRAE STEWART, Janet 1883–1960 Portrait of Jean Shaw 1918 drawing
CUMING, Liz b.1956 Hawkesbury River 1989 painting
CURTIS, Sarah b.1954 Many a lovely picnic has been spoiled by one act of disobedience 1988 painting
CUTHBERTSON, Archibald F. b.1924 Abstract 1971 painting
DAVIES, David 1864–1939 Moonrise c.1894 painting
DAVILA, Juan b.1946 Untitled 1994 painting
DAWS, Lawrence b.1927 Yam creek 1961 painting
DAWSON, Janet b.1935 Ballerina 1955 painting
DE MAISTRE, Roy 1894–1968 Still life study in grey green 1952 painting
DICKERSON, Robert b.1924 ‘Girls in the gardens’ or ‘Pink and blue’ 1970 painting
DOBELL, William 1899–1970 The cart c.1936 painting
DOCKING, Shay 1928–1998 Port Fairy image 1957 painting
DRYSDALE, Russell 1912–1981 The fossicker 1949 painting
DUMBRELL, Lesley b.1941 Soomerki 1989 painting
DUNLOP, Brian 1938–2009 Interior Port Fairy 1991 painting
DUNLOP, Brian 1938–2009 Portrait of Dr Joseph Brown 1991 painting
FAIRWEATHER, Ian 1891–1974 Three faces c.1965 painting
FEINT, Adrian 1894–1971 Summer at Pittwater 1951 painting
FIRTH-SMITH, John b.1943 Untitled 1972 painting
FIRTH-SMITH, John b.1943 Waves #1 1987 painting
FORREST, Haughton 1826–1925 River landscape c.1880 painting
FOX, E. Phillips 1865–1915 Le repose c.1909–11 painting
FRANCIS, Ivor 1906–1993 Top O’Hahndorf 1970 painting
FRATER, William 1890–1974 The hillside c.1960 painting
FRENCH, Leonard b.1928 Moon turtle (from the Bodford Terrace Suite) 1978 lithograph
FRENCH, Leonard b.1928 The bridge 1983 painting
FRIEND, Donald 1915–1989 Oh Doktor Man 1988 watercolour
FRIEND, Donald 1915–1989 Still life with a figure n.d. watercolour
GARRETT, Thomas Balfour 1879–1952 A quiet place 1938 monoprint
GARRETT, Thomas Balfour 1879–1952 The artist’s studio c.1940 monoprint
GARRETT, Thomas Balfour 1879–1952 Lake scene c.1946–48 painting
GASCOIGNE, Rosalie 1917–1999 Lasseter’s reef 1996–97 sculpture
GILL, S.T. 1818–1880 View of Adelaide from Belair Road c.1840s watercolour
GODDARD, Barrie b.1941 Brachina-October-morning light 1973 painting
GODDARD, David b.1968 Heat beads and grass seeds 1992 painting
GREEN, Michael b.1941 The staircase 1985 drawing
GRIFFIN, Murray 1903–1992 The backyard opalescent shed 1949 painting
GRUNER, Elioth 1882–1939 Field 1917 painting
GRUNER, Elioth 1882–1939 Rolling hills, Yass 1929 painting
HAEFLIGER, Paul 1914–1982 The conversational figures 1971 painting
HALL, Bernard 1859–1935 Interior, Government House c.1920 painting
HALL, Bernard 1859–1935 In the studio c.1924 painting
HAWKINS, Weaver 1893–1977 Figures in a garden 1948 painting
HAXTON, Elaine 1909–1999 Water buffaloes 1962 drawing
HEADLAM, Kristin b.1953 Untitled (table) 1991 drawing
HENIGAN, Patrick b.1925 Portrait of Cecile 1990 painting
HERMAN, Sali 1898–1993 A woman in the doorway of No. 171 1949 painting
HESSING, Leonard 1931–2004 Venus on landscape 1961 painting
HESTER, Joy 1920–1960 Faces (from The lovers series) c.1948 drawing
HEYSEN, Hans 1877–1968 ‘Two horses grazing amongst the gums’ or ‘White gums’ 1926 watercolour
HEYSEN, Hans 1877–1968 Summer afternoon, Ambleside 1936 watercolour
HEYSEN, Nora 1911–2003 Still life of bottles (triptych) – Part B 1926 watercolour
HEYSEN, Nora 1911–2003 Still life of bottles (triptych) – Part C 1926 watercolour
HEYSEN, Nora 1911–2003 Still life of bottles (triptych) – Part A 1926 watercolour
HILDER, J.J. 1881–1916 Nocturn c.1910 watercolour
HINDER, Frank 1906–1992 Brown/green penetration 1968 drawing
HODGKINSON, Frank 1919–2001 The seed (from the Bodford Terrace Suite) 1978 lithograph
HODGKINSON, Frank 1919–2001 Darling Harbour 1 1986 painting
HONG, Fu b.1946 Dr Joseph Brown AO, OBE 2007 painting
HUNTER, Robert b.1947 Untitled 3 1988 painting
JACK, Kenneth 1924–2006 Exhibition Gardens, Melbourne 1953 painting
JACKS, Robert b.1943 Guitar woman 1997 painting
JACOBI, Justine details unavailable Hot sunny day 2000 painting
JOHNSON, George b.1926 Triangle construction 1997 painting
JOHNSON, Michael b.1938 Slevin 1992–93 painting
JOHNSON, Tim b.1947 City in the desert 1987 painting
JOHNSTONE, H.J. 1835–1907 Cottage near Dromana 1872 painting
KEELING, David b.1951 Two girls in the city 1990 painting
KEMP, Roger 1908–1987 Configuration or (probably Mechanics of the mind) c.1985 painting
KEMP, Roger 1908–1987 Movement III 1981 painting
KEMPF, Franz b.1926 Reflections on the Bashevis singer (from the Bodford Terrace Suite) 1978 lithograph
KMIT, Michael 1910–1981 Cassandra 1979 painting
KNGWARREYE, Emily Kame c.1910–1996 Flower Dreaming 1994 painting
KNGWARREYE, Emily Kame c.1910–1996 Untitled (Alhalkere) 1994 painting
KOSSATZ, Les b.1943 Bound trophy and after image (from the Bodford Terrace Suite) 1978 lithograph
LAHEY, Vida 1882–1968 Still life with fuschias c.1930 watercolour
LAMBERT, George 1873–1930 The dead tree 1926 painting
LARTER, Richard b.1929 Well alright, so now 1970 painting
LARWILL, David b.1956 Departure T 1985 painting
LARWILL, David b.1956 Boy and cat 1988 painting
LAWRENCE, George 1901–1981 Landscape at Minnamurra 1965 painting
LEACH-JONES, Alun b.1937 Noumenon XXXVI – Imperial 1969 painting
LEE, Lindy b.1954 Black+black+black – at the close of this fierce vision 1990 painting
LINCOLN, Kevin b.1941 Still life/Black pipe 1989 painting
LINDSAY, Daryl 1889–1976 The drover’s team 1960 painting
LINDSAY, Norman 1879–1969 C sharp minor quartet 1927 etching
LONG, Sydney 1871–1955 Kookaburras 1910 watercolour
LONG, Sydney 1871–1955 A study for ‘The hour of romance’ c.1915 painting
MACQUEEN, Kenneth 1897–1960 Receding tide, near Coolum, Queensland c.1940–50 watercolour
MAGUIRE, Tim b.1958 Orange column or Corinth 1987 painting
MAGUIRE, Tim b.1958 Mandarin and cherries 1996 lithograph
MAIS, Hilarie b.1952 Blind simile (diptych) 1997 painting
MAKIN, Jeffery b.1943 Cedar Creek Falls No. 2 1988 painting
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Male spirit with spearthrower (borndok) and hooked spear (bokko) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (two, Saratoga–Seleropages jardini) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Modjarrki (the freshwater crocodile) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (two, Saratoga–Seleropages jardini) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Namarnkol (Barramundi–top) and Ngalkit (Saratoga–Seleropages jardini) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (Saratoga–Seleropages jardini)and Karlerrh (Strongylura Kreffti) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Namarnkol (Barramundi), Ngalkit (Saratoga-top) and three Djamard (common archer fish Toxotes chatareus) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 (One fish) uncatalogued n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Namarr (male black rock kangaroo) Karlerrh (freshwater Longtom) Gunbarrk (a herb) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 (Two fish) uncatalogued n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Namormoyak (male and female spirits and the snake) Kotjuwari (at Benebenemdi) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Namormoyak (spirit returning from hunting) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Nawaran (the Oenpelli python–python oenpelliensis) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Nbikurr (nailfish, the small black catfish – Neosilurus ater) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Bird and fish species n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Dabbarr (partridge pigeons) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (male and female, Saratoga–Seleropages jardini at Benebenemdi) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Djamard (archer fish) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (Saratoga–Scleropages jardini) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Djirnidjirnirrirnken (the mother rainbow serpent, at Benebenemdi) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (Saratoga–Scleropages jardini) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Kandakitj (male plains kangaroo with human hand removing stone spearpoint) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (Saratoga–Seleropages jardini) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Karlerrh (freshwater Longtom–Strongylura Kreffti) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (Saratoga–Seleropages jardini) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Karrburlk and Gandirikal (edible native tubers) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (Saratoga–Scleropages jardini), Bokorn (spangled grunter) and Bikurr (Nailfish-Neosilurus ater) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Kurrudjardu (the olive rock python–Liasis olivaceous) n.d. bark
MANDARRK, Wally c.1915–1987 Ngalkit (Saratoga–Scleropages jardini), Bokorn (spangled grunter), Karlerrh (freshwater Longtom), Kawuk (a night bird) and Burlukirri (a freshwater eel) n.d. bark
MARTENS, Conrad 1801–1878 Tahlee, Port Stephens, NSW 1841 painting
MARTIN, Mandy b.1952 Outer harbour, Port Kembla 1989 painting
MARTIN, Mandy b.1952 APM rain, steam & speed 1990 painting
MCCUBBIN, Frederick 1855–1917 Hillside, Macedon 1904 painting
MCINNES, W. B. 1889–1939 The sunhat 1911 painting
MCINNES, W. B. 1889–1939 Summer light c.1911 painting
MCKENZIE, Queenie c.1930–1998 Argyle diamond mine 1997 painting
MILLER, Godfrey 1893–1964 Space movement 1 1936 painting
MILLER, Godfrey 1893–1964 Trees in quarry 1952–56 painting
MINNS, B. E. 1864–1937 Aboriginal man and woman n.d. etching
MORGAN, Sally b.1951 Wanamurraganya 1989 screenprint
MORROCCO, Leon b.1942 Patterned table with two birds 1989 watercolour
MURCH, Arthur 1902–1989 Leda and the swan c.1950 painting
NAMATJIRA, Albert 1902–1959 Crocodile (boomerang) n.d. artefact
NAMATJIRA, Enos 1920–1966 The blue Macdonnell Ranges c.1955 watercolour
NAMPITJINPA, Alison Anderson b.1958 Yirranpa honey ant Dreaming 1990 painting
NAMPITJINPA, Sandra b.1954 Witchetty grub and honey ant Dreaming 1990 painting
NAPANGATI, Pansy c.1947 Dreaming at Wiyanpiri rock hole 1990 painting
NAPANGATI, Pansy c.1947 Ilpilli 1990 painting
NAPURRULA, Narpula Scobie b.1950 Women’s Dreaming at Alukuru 1990 painting
NEIL, Jan details unavailable Timeless land 5 1996 painting
NELSON, Jan b.1955 La luna 1 – the long century 1991 painting
NELSON, John b.1952 Looking/seeing/do you see when you look?/do you look when you see?/I know you do/take that for granted 1991 painting
NOLAN, Sidney 1917–1992 Central Australian landscape 1956 painting
NOLAN, Sidney 1917–1992 River 1964 painting
O’CONNOR, Vic b.1918 Study for ‘The Irish barmaid’ n.d. painting
O’NEILL, David b.1961 Untitled (heavy black line) 1990 painting
OLLEY, Margaret b.1923 Still life with marigolds and oranges c.1973 painting
OLSEN, John b.1928 Tropical rainshower (from the Bodford Terrace Suite) 1978 lithograph
OLSEN, John b.1928 Landscape – hanging on to an edge 1987 painting
OWEN, Robert b.1937 The speechless full moon comes out for now (for Akio) 1987–2000 painting
PASSMORE, John 1904–1984 The seagull 1958 painting
PATERSON, Esther 1892–1971 Figurine by Margaret Mahood 1933 painting
PAULL, Jennifer b.1945 After the garden party 1990 painting
PAULL, Jennifer b.1945 Lunchbreak! 1990 painting
PERCEVAL, John 1923–2000 The Garden of Eden 1951 sculpture
PERCEVAL, John 1923–2000 Seagulls and sulphur smoke at Williamstown 1990 painting
PERSSON, Stieg b.1959 Painting 1990 – they find the disease to steal on insensibly, and endeavour to meet with it so 1990 painting
PETYARRE, Gloria b.1938 Awelye for Arnkerrthe (woman’s ceremony for mountain devil lizard Dreaming) 1997 painting
PIGGOTT, Owen b.1931 Variation blue 1969 painting
PIGUENIT, W. C. 1836–1914 Mt. Wellington from Newtown Bay 1872 painting
PIGUENIT, W. C. 1836–1914 Lane Cove from above the bridge 1893 painting
PRESTON, Margaret 1875–1963 Flowers in jug c.1929 woodcut
PRESTON, Margaret 1875–1963 ‘Coastal gums’ also known as ‘Australian gum blossoms’ 1929 painting
PROCTOR, Thea 1879–1966 ‘The seaside’ or possibly ‘The bathers’ c.1923 watercolour
PUGH, Clifton 1924–1990 New growth c.1958–63 painting
PUGH, Clifton 1924–1990 Untitled (black birds) (from the Bodford Terrace Suite) 1978 lithograph
RANKIN, David b.1946 Abstract 1997 painting
REES, Lloyd 1895–1988 Spring afternoon, Werri Beach c.1948 painting
REES, Lloyd 1895–1988 Rhythmical slopes, Bathurst 1965 drawing
REES, Lloyd 1895–1988 Study for Werri Beach, Gerringong II 1973 watercolour
REES, Lloyd 1895–1988 Morning vision (Lane Cove River) 1982 painting
REHFISCH, Alison 1900–1975 Still life with Zinnias c.1950–60 painting
ROBERTS, Tom 1856–1931 Portrait of a young girl 1909 painting
ROBERTSHAW, Freda 1916–1997 Purple still life c.1940 painting
RUSSELL, John Peter 1858–1930 New Zealand landscape c.1924 watercolour
RUSSELL, John Peter 1858–1930 Pine tree, Brigham’s Creek, New Zealand c.1924 watercolour
RYAN, Siobhan b.1959 X, 1989 1991 painting
SACHS, Bernhard b.1954 Nervous interior/During philosophy – Group portrait with head 1988 painting
SANDY, William b.1944 Two ladies from Winpirrie c.1990 painting
SCHELTEMA, J. H. 1861–1941 Horses and figure c.1890s painting
SENBERGS, Jan b.1939 The guardian 1963 painting
SHANNON, Michael 1927–1993 Evening in Toorak Road 1966 painting
SIBLEY, Andrew b.1933 Near miss c.1999 drawing
SMART, Jeffery b.1921 Children playing 1965 painting
SMART, Jeffery b.1921 Study for Man with bouquet 1981 painting
SMITH, Grace Cossington 1892–1984 Ingrams Green, Sussex 1947 painting
SNEE, Christopher b.1957 Untitled (white background) 1990 painting
STORRIER, Tim b.1949 Kennel memory IV – red roof 1987 painting
STORRIER, Tim b.1949 Evening blaze line 1990 painting
STREETON, Arthur 1867–1943 Balmain & Leichhardt 1921 painting
STUBBS, Douglas 1927–2008 Fertility 1966 painting
SYME, Eveline 1888–1961 Landscape and orchard c.1920s painting
TANNER, Edwin 1920–1980 Self portrait of artist stunting 1958 painting
TIMMS, Freddie c.1945 Winnapah Springs 1994 painting
TJAKAMARRA, Freddy West c.1932–1994 Tingari men at Yunalla 1990 painting
TJAKAMARRA, Michael Nelson c.1949 Snake & witchetty grub c.1990 painting
TJAKAMARRA, Tony c.1947–1990 Storm Dreaming 1990 painting
TJAMPITJINPA, Anatjari c.1927–1999 Tingari men gathered at Tjurnga 1990 painting
TJAMPITJINPA, Shorty Jackson c.1955–1996 Old woman travelling near Ngatjaanga 1989 painting
TJANGALA, George Yapa c.1946 Tingari men travelling to Narripungu 1990 painting
TJANGALA, Uta Uta c.1926–1990 Women at Yumari 1990 painting
TJAPALTJARRI, Benny c.1932–2003 Pokaru bandicoot Dreaming at Pinpirnga 1990 painting
TJAPALTJARRI, Cameron c.1947–2006 Travelling dingo horde to Nyunmanu 1990 painting
TJAPALTJARRI, Dr George b.(c.1932 or c.1940) Tingari at Pankurrunga 1990 painting
TJAPALTJARRI, Hilary b.1938 Kangaroo Dreaming at Mintjilpirri 1989 painting
TJAPALTJARRI, Warlimpirrnga b.(c.1950s) Tingari men gathered at Mulpu 1990 painting
TJAPANANGKA, George c.1935–2002 Tingari men travelling to Marpurri 1990 painting
TJAPANANGKA, George c.1935–2002 Fire Dreaming at Mulurrurru 1989 painting
TJAPANGATI, John John Bennett c.1937–2002 Tingari men at Kulkuta 1990 painting
TJAPANGATI, Kanya c.1954–2006 Tingari men at Ngatintja 1989 painting
TJAPANGATI, Timmy Payungka c.1935–2000 The great snake of Wilkinkarra 1990 painting
TJUNGURRAYI, George Hairbrush b.(c.1947) Kunia, the quiet snake at Karrilwarra 1990 painting
TJUNGURRAYI, George Ward b.(c.1955) Tingari men traveling to Lake MacDonald 1989 painting
TJUNGURRAYI, Yala Yala Gibbs c.1928–1998 Tingari men at Yawalyurru 1990 painting
TJUPURRULA, Gideon Jack c.1925–1996 Possum and bush plum Dreamings at Mawitji 1989 painting
TJUPURRULA, Johnny Warangkula c.1918–2001 Mala ceremony at Tjikari 1990 painting
TRAILL, Jessie 1881–1967 Lady in the shade n.d. painting
TRUSLER, Peter b.1954 Ken’s pumpkin 1984 drawing
TUCKER, Albert 1914–1999 Antipodean head (intruder) 1962 painting
TUCKER, Albert 1914–1999 Parrots in bush c.1973 painting
TUCKER, Tudor St. George 1862–1906 Our tent at Swanage, Dorsetshire c.1903 painting
TUCKSON, Tony 1921–1973 Untitled drawing #3 (multicoloured grid) (TD388) c.1953–56 painting
UPWARD, Peter 1932–1983 Orange accent II 1960 painting
VARVARESSOS, Vicki b.1949 Portrait of Frank Watters 1980 painting
VARVARESSOS, Vicki b.1949 Still life – Hippiastrums 1986 painting
VASSILIEFF, Danila 1897–1958 Cattle in landscape c.1938 painting
VASSILIEFF, Danila 1897–1958 Street scene c.1937 painting
VIKE, Harald 1906–1987 View of Alexandria n.d. painting
VON GUÉRARD, Eugene 1811–1901 West Brook, June 29, 1831 c.1860 painting
VON GUÉRARD, Eugene 1811–1901 On the Americkan Creek near Woolongong (sic) c.1861 painting
WAKELIN, Roland 1887–1971 Beach at Sandringham 1959 painting
WALKER, Deborah b.1954 The tyranny II 1990 painting
WALLER, Christian 1894–1954 The spirit of light c.1931 linocut
WALLER, Christian 1894–1954 Title page for The great breath 1932 linocut
WATKINS, Dick b.1937 Scoop 1991 painting
WATSON, Judy b.1959 Light 1993 painting
WHEELER, Charles c.1880–1977 Cane fields, Innisfall n.d. painting
WHISSON, Ken b.1927 Smoke, farmhouses and running dog 1997 drawing
WHISSON, Ken b.1927 Water & light 1999 painting
WHITELEY, Brett 1939–1992 Preliminary notes for ‘Harry’s building’ 1976 painting
WHITELEY, Brett 1939–1992 Sketch of the river at Carcoar c.1977 drawing
WIGLEY, James 1918–1999 Brother and sister c.1962 painting
WILLIAMS, Fred 1927–1982 Forest trees 1959 painting
WILLIAMS, Fred 1927–1982 Sherbrooke forest c.1960 painting
WILLIAMS, Fred 1927–1982 Echuca landscape 1960–62 painting
WILLIAMS, Fred 1927–1982 Sapling forest 1960–62 painting
WILLIAMS, Fred 1927–1982 Sapling panel V 1966 painting
WILLIAMS, Fred 1927–1982 Landscape c.1968 painting
WOOD, Deborah b.1955 Watching the sunset, eating chips and waiting for God 1990 painting