The speechless full moon comes out for now (for Akio)

The speechless full moon comes out for now (for Akio)

synthetic polymer paint, aluminum powder, bronze powder, cinnabar, gold leaf, gold pencil, graphite, iron powder, lapis, lead powder over copper powder, mica and pencil, on canvas
9 panels, 182.7 x 182.7 cm overall

inscribed verso on panels 1 and 9: ‘THE SPEACHLESS FULL MOON COMES OUT NOW (FOR AKIO)/ Robert Owen/ 1987–2000’; Panels 2–8: ‘Robert Owen/ 1987–2000’
Accession No. 2002.34
© Robert Owen/Licensed by VISCOPY 2010


Purchased in 2000 by private collector, Sydney from Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, until; purchased 25 June 2002 by Cbus from Contemporary Art, Christie’s, Melbourne, lot 67.


Robert Owen: different lights cast different shadows: the second Balnaves Foundation sculpture project, (exhibition catalogue), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 2004.